About us

The idea to start Vinayak Indian Groceries (VIG) came after we (a family of 4) found it hard sparing time to buy Indian groceries on weekends. With family commitments, kids’ activities on weekends, and office work during weekdays, we were finding it hard to get Indian Groceries as there was no nearby shop/store. Further, the idea was to give Indians a meeting point to celebrate Indian culture, festivals and build Indian community together.

 Vinayak is the other name of Lord Ganesha, the God of good fortune, wisdom and prosperity.

 By keeping all this in mind, we decided to start Vinayak Indian Groceries with the aim:

1. Quality Indian Groceries at great prices

We offer quality Indian & subcontinental groceries at great prices not just to the Indian community but to everyone living in Ku-ring-gai and Sydney North Shore, who enjoys Indian food. By keep on looking for suppliers who offer the best product at a reasonable price, we manage to keep our price reasonable. Our lentils, sweets and many other products are locally grown or made and promoting Grown or Made in Australia Products. This in turn reduces the cost of goods which we pass on to the customers.

2. To unite Indian community

Indian community living in Sydney North Shore have to go to Sydney West to celebrate all Indian festivals which again takes a huge amount of time. VIG will be a platform to unite the Indian community in North Shore. With everyone’s support we will be able to organize events for the Indian and wider Ku-Ring Gai community.

3. Women empowerment

The Indian grocery business is a man dominating the industry. We have taken a small step towards women empowerment by starting and managing the Vinayak Indian Grocery. Even though it’s a small initiative, we are sure this will inspire other young ambitious women to join this growing industry.

4. Small business support

As a small business, we know how important it is to support small businesses. Many of our suppliers are small businesses and we work and assist them to grow with us.

 Our logo is “Purity is our priority”. We offer all quality Indian & subcontinental groceries – spices, lentils, rice, flour, Indian Sweets, frozen foods, household goods, and much more. 


Our team is always standing on its toes to save time and money without compromising on quality and customer service.